Thursday, August 12, 2010


When it comes to wedding snaps, I'm reminded of the lyrics in Steely Dan's  "Peg:"

 I've seen your picture,
Your name in lights above it,
This is your big debut,
Like a dream come true,
And when you smile for the camera,
I know they're gonna love it.

Well,  they may love your photographs, but you will love them a whole lot more if you step out of the typical wedding album poses and get creative with placement, utilizing natural surroundings, interesting props and simply thinking ahead about your individual interests, passions and, of course, humor.

DDBG came across some more unique and creative shots by  Ashley Douthit and Alicea Hermeyer, a very talented sister team at Lele Photography in St. Louis, Missouri. Have a look at what we loved. And when it comes your turn to smile for the camera remember what Jim Morrison of the Doors sang, "Let them photograph your soul!"

This couple's already on course to great wedding photos!

Let's see some attitude--so much more interesting then lining everyone up! Bridezilla and bridesmaid-zillas! Cute!

As Prince sang--"Let's Go Crazy!"

Make use of natural surroundings. And if you're lucky enough to have a waterfall, you too can set up this magnificent shot.

Every wedding needs a little comic relief!

As Kramer said in Seinfeld, "It's all about levels!"

If you're going to do a "dress on hangar" shot, this is the way to go--no more wire hangars--unless they say Mr. & Mrs. !

Thinking out of the ring box!

Hooray for something different and memorable!

What are your ideas for great wedding photos? Send us what you've found--or better yet, send us your snaps (engagement photos too) and we'll choose the best for posting here at the Deal Diva Bridal Guide!

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